Latest project experiences

Our people have various project experiences, here a selection of what they did.

picture for Digital marketplace

Digital marketplace

We developed a digital marketplace for emerging countries. Some emerging countries have an extensive use of phones for buying or selling goods and services. Therefore, one our clients decided to create a dedicated marketplace for Africa which integrates local languages such as Swahili or Lingala. The platform is now reachable from smartphones and Web browsers.
Because of the emerging network infrastructures in place, we had to optimize the data exchanged between servers and clients.

  • App development for Android
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) with NuxtJS
  • Multilingual implementation with i18n
  • Highly optimized data transfer for low internet connection
picture for Microservices for a digital marketplace

Microservices for a digital marketplace

The backend is used in a digital marketplace for emerging countries such as Africa. Because of the likely high number of users connected at the same time, we took the opportunity to setup a microservice architecture for answering all user requests with no downtime.
A microservices architecture is a software design that encapsulate each services in a virtual environment that can be replicated and scaled in real time for answering any volume of user requests.

  • Cloud administration with Jelastic Cloud
  • Docker containers using Kubernetes
  • Load balancer by Traefic
  • Real time scaling service
picture for E-commerce platform

E-commerce platform

A cosmetic company required the creation of a e-commerce to allow direct sales to its customers. The platform needed to follow the branding design guidelines. Moreover, specific developments were necessary to create some product variations. Last but not least, a secure payment system was implemented.

  • UI design
  • Inventory system
  • Secure payment with Stripe
  • Digital marketing
picture for Real time dashboard

Real time dashboard

For a leader in the automotive industry, a real time dashboard was developed which showed their databases activities. This business intelligence project allowed the company to take leverage on their own data in order to improve their productivity.

  • Progressive Web App using VueJS
  • Real time data exchange with PostgreSQL
  • D3JS interactive charts
  • UI design
picture for Secure cloud storage for sensitive data

Secure cloud storage for sensitive data

Prior to contact us, a law firm has stored their sensitive data in a private server inside their office.
We offered them to reduce risks and costs by setting up a private Cloud with ownCloud® only hosted in Switzerland using a set of Infomaniak JelasticCloud services.

  • JelasticCloud administration
  • Data migration
  • Data backup
  • Data protection and single login
picture for Interface (API) for the Avaloq banking suite

Interface (API) for the Avaloq banking suite

A software leader in the private banking industry developed and maintained APIs between two IT systems. Theses interfaces allowed a full automation of manual activities and reduced operational costs.

  • Oracle PL/SQL environment
  • Tomcat server (Java)
  • Automated unit tests
picture for Remote app for microscope

Remote app for microscope

For a biological laboratory, an App was developed to remotely control a microscope robot which analyses a batch of cell samples.
The App is used offline for calibrating the robot, setting parameters for a batch analysis and displaying real time results.

  • Ionic App with ReactJS
  • C++ controller
  • Image processing
  • Real time display